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Sarah Gallaway

I am so grateful to have received first aid and CPR training.

Tonight I witnessed a major car accident between two
vehicles and was the first to call 911. One car was flipped
with two passengers. A man tried to start pulling out one of
the injured people and my sister (who is a medical
assistant) and I immediately stopped him. We managed to keep
things under control until the police arrived. Without my
training, I wouldn’t have been as certain of myself or as
calm and I think it’s safe to say that two people were saved
from further injury because of it. Keep educating because
these things do happen as a part of life. I am so glad I had
my training to fall back onto in this emergency. Thank you

Mindy Prestage

Thank you for the wonderful training and information. very
informative and useful.

Ren Brabenec

I attended one of Captain Litchfield’s First Aid classes some
ago, and the knowledge I gained in that class is still with
me today. Excellent instruction, super valuable, life-saving
information, all delivered in an easy-to-understand,
friendly, and amicable environment. Highly recommend!

Jasmine Harding

Gives great information about disaster preparedness and

Jocelyn Brooks

Today I took a CPR course delivered by Kieram from Polaris. It
was a great introduction to valuable life-saving skills.

Paul Fletcher

Good training given for worthwhile activities. Thanks for the
great service.

Ger Collins

This is a great seminar, I learned a lot of basics and I now
know what to do when I come across an accident etc! My twin
also loved it!

Laszlo Hajdu

I learned a lots of new things on the Seminar today about
disaster and first respond which I should have know about
already. Thanks! It was really fun and useful

Javaris Knight

Great training! Very informative , learned a lot.

Keith X Dunlap-Carter Jr.

This training was excellent. Very thorough yet easy to apply.
Great job!

Farah Muhammad

I I thought the class was excellent. Very engaging and very

Bernise Thelusma Muhammad

The training was excellent. It was very informative. It was
also very practical would think that I can actually use. I
think a lot more people should have this training.

Kimberley Muhammad

The training was very helpful and informative! I would
recommend it to anyone that wants to be of service to others.

Sakinah Ali

This training was outstanding. Very helpful and thorough.
Straight the the point. Thank you!

Shaahid Muhammad

The training was very effective and hands on. I really enjoyed

Shirae Nilece

This training was VERY informative! He engaged with the
audience and made the class interesting and fun.

Boyana Tinoco

Wonderful experience learning CPR and AED!!! I was expecting a
long class full of information I will not need in an emergency
and I got exactly the opposite! It was fun and full of
practical experience.

Janiah Adams

I had an amazing time learning first aid by such a great
teacher. You learn the skills of first aid in a really fun

Navarra Collins

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Shanté X Stevenson

Excellent!!! The Disaster Response training was great!!!
Kieram, taught many life saving skills that I and anyone else
can use esp. in an emergency situations. Reach our for more

Nayyirah Tivica Muhammad

I just did this training OMG it is so amazing!!!!! The time
attention and knowledge was with so much care… I looked
forward to keep working with Kieram

Ali Muhammad

Wow! Great and clear information for survival! Excellent
presentation. I am empowered. Thank you

Kristen Harper

Excellent team! These guys really know their stuff.

Aaliyah Johnson Muhammad

Just did a cpr workshop with these guys, AMAZING!! Thanks for
the tools, I learned a lot

Caoimhe Tyrrell

Kieram came to my school to teach us about first aid , had a
great time and learned a lot would totally recommend!

Marquez X Cunningham

I very much enjoyed the class hope to have many more classes
to come..

Hinton Kinsler

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or off, and add unique calls to action.

Joseph Shabazz

Very important information. It was enlightenment and
educational, things we need to use at any given moment

Sharlene Muhammad

Thank you Sir. An awesome example in training on First Aid and

Aaron Leal

This seminar is dope! Lots of fun doing it, keep it up!

Devonta C.

I enjoyed this seminar so much. The information was presented
perfectly and I learned a lot of information. I feel very
confident in what would need to be done in an event.


Training form Polaris Int. D.R. is simple and extremely
educative. It’s must for every single person as it’s the
minimum knowledge we all should have to help others.

Many Thanks!


This increased my ability to confront medical rescue
procedures. I really enjoyed the drilling.