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About Us

It started with a decision…

Give the people on the street first responder skills so they can help themselves and not have to wait for help that may never come when disaster strikes, and emergency services are not available. By doing so, we can prevent death, injury, and destruction.

In 2017, Polaris was founded by a team of American nurses and first responders in Florida with that purpose.

We got started right away, training up the general public, giving them life-saving skills, and transforming them from potential disaster victims, into rescuers, it was a blast! People LOVED the training. They were so empowered and excited. 2017, 2018 and 2019 flew by, with us training over one thousand people.

But there was a problem…

Students would forget their training. This was an enormous disappointment to us, as it meant we had literally been wasting our time, since people would not be able to save lives when the time came, if they forgot everything. Something must be wrong. And something was wrong!

The methods of instruction were all wrong, and all based on ‘the traditional way’, old methods of teaching ported over from the holy never-to-be-questioned ‘educational system’. The inadequacies of this failed system had creeped into our field.

It was a cancer, and we REFUSED to let it blunt our purpose. To refresh your memory, our purpose is: Preventing death & injury by helping communities overcome disasters by turning ordinary people into extraordinary rescuers.

Our Solution: The Master of Disaster

We re-thought the entire process from the ground up for disaster and emergency medical training and created our own curriculum, focusing on getting RESULTS: The Master of Disaster.

The training includes online theory and online skills testing. Some of the topics covered:

• First Aid
• Disaster Preparedness & Response
• Search & Rescue
• Fire Suppression
• And more!

We are currently piloting this curriculum. You can take your first step by learning first aid with our free ebook: Instant Hero.