Helping communities overcome disasters by turning ordinary people into extraordinary rescuers

Your guiding light in the darkness of disaster.

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288 People Rescued in Disasters
4034 People Educated & Trained on Disaster Response
2316 Survivors Given Medical Assistance in Disasters

Disasters on the Rise

When an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, or strike, emergency workers are instantly overwhelmed, and thousands are left helpless. People with serious life-threatening injuries cannot get help and may end up dying as a result. The frail elderly, and the powerless child are especially vulnerable. There are just not enough Police, Fire, Medical and Military to help everyone.

This was made very clear by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. It is not a question of IF there will be another disaster, but WHEN.

And if we, the people of each community are not prepared and not able to take care of ourselves, then we'll just be waiting for help that never comes.

But it does NOT have to be this way!

We CAN do something about it!

We Can Overcome

The solution is simple:

Instead of having our community remain would-be victims, waiting for help that may never come, we train THEM to be first responders, so they can help their community themselves.

We're taking the man on the street and turning him training him for potential victim to professional rescuer.

We can overcome natural disasters.

Polaris has developed a training program to rapidly get ordinary people trained into first responders.

It's called the Master of Disaster framework.

The Master of Disaster Framework

Our solution to fighting back against natural disasters
Learn how to respond to any natural disaster
Learn how to handle any medical emergency
No experience or knowledge required
Free to download

Instant Hero [Coming Soon]

A Simple Guide for Learning How To Save Lives & Confidently Handle Any Medical Emergency Using Our AID STAR Framework

  • No experience required

    You don't need to have ever taken a first aid class or have any nowledge or training.

  • Focus on WHY

    We teach you not only WHAT to do but also WHY, so you can think on your feet and not be a robot.

  • Written in simple English

    We define all medical terms very simply and go out of our way so that ANYONE can understand.

  • It is FREE

    The digital version of this publication is free. Getting this information is our non-profit's mission.

What do students think about our training?

I am so grateful to have received first aid and CPR training. Tonight I witnessed a major car accident between two vehicles and was the first to call 911. One car was flipped with two passengers. A man tried to start pulling out one of the injured people and my sister (who is a medical assistant) and I immediately stopped him. We managed to keep things under control until the police arrived. Without my training, I wouldn't have been as certain of myself or as calm and I think it's safe to say that two people were saved from further injury because of it.

I had an amazing time learning first aid by such a great teacher. You learn the skills of first aid in a really fun way. The information you get out of the seminar really gives you the confidence to help someone if you ever encounter a situation in which someone is quite severely hurt. It is also great to know even if you think you will never use it in your life because you can always teach someone you know so if they are ever in a situation of that kind that they know what to do.

I learned a lots of new things on the Seminar today about disaster and first respond which I should of know about already. Thanks! It was really fun and useful

The training was excellent. It was very informative. It was also very practical would think that I can actually use. I think a lot more people should have this training.

Wonderful experience learning CPR and AED!!! I was expecting a long class full of information I will not need in an emergency and I got exactly the opposite! It was fun and full of practical experience.

Start getting educated

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