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We are Polaris. We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. We are dedicated to providing emergency medical care and emotional care to survivors of disasters as well as empowering the public with education and training.

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People Rescued in Disasters


People Educated & Trained on Disaster Response


Survivors Given Medical Assistance in Disasters

Disasters on the Rise

Whether you believe global warming or governments are causing the rise in severe natural disasters or not, it doesn’t matter, the result is the same: catastrophic natural disasters are on the rise, and so is public apathy and complacency.

Preparedness is half the battle. If you can be prepared for a disaster it is much less of an emergency. If people are prepared, then half of the disaster is already won.

Since Mother Nature is showing no signs of slowing down we all have a choice to make: help ourselves and help others or hide our heads under the sand like the ostrich.

Few places are free of natural disasters. It is everyone’s problem. But it doesn’t have to be a problem. We CAN do something about it.

People are killed every day by some form of natural disaster or another. Many of these deaths can be prevented if individuals were well-trained and competent with first aid and rescue.

-Dr. Kulla, ER Physican

A Question of When...

Nepal is one of the most earthquake-prone countries in the world. It sits between two massive tectonic plates that collide together to form the Himalayas.

When an earthquake, flood or landslide strike, emergency workers are instantly overwhelmed, and thousands are left helpless. People with serious life-threatening injuries cannot get help and may end up dying as a result. The frail elderly, and the powerless child are especially vulnerable. There are just not enough Police, Fire, Medical and Military to help everyone.

This was made very clear by the devastating 2015 Earthquake. It is not a question of IF there will be another earthquake, but WHEN.

But it does NOT have to be this way!

We CAN do something about it!

"We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Polaris disaster team for working with Morang Scouts, in Biratnagar for conducting flood relief program with medical camp in various flood affected areas of Biratnagar. This program was carried out under the supervision of Mr. Ajeya Adhikari with his volunteering team consisting of trained doctor, nurses and trained volunteers. There is no way to fully express our gratitude for your generosity letting us work with Polaris disaster team. We would be glad to work with Polaris disaster team in further disaster days."

-Nepal Scouts Morant


What is Polaris?
Polaris is a newly formed non-profit. We are a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization.

What does Polaris mean?
Polaris is the North star, it is the light that guides one home and gives one hope and stability in the darkness. It was on this idea of the light of hope in one’s darkest moments that we chose to name this rescue team after Polaris. “Praelucente” is Latin for “guiding light”.

What does Polaris do?
1) Create local rescue teams around the world in disaster-prone countries. 2) Educate the public on disaster preparedness and first aid.

Polaris Mission Statement
We are dedicated to providing emergency medical care and emotional care to survivors of disasters as well as empowering the public with education and training.

This is my country. I can’t just hope that someone else is going to take care of it and be there for my family, friends and countrymen. By doing this no disaster can break us.

-Rishi, Polaris Nepal Detachment

The solution is simple

ONE: Have everyone on the planet well-trained on first aid. Every, man, woman and child MUST be trained in first aid. It is THE most overlooked educational subject. It is absurd when you consider that somthing as important as saving a life gets so little attention; it is a sobering statement of society’s level of apathy and complacency.

TWO: Have a SURPLUS of rescue teams, trained and on standby in disaster-prone countries. There must be tens of thousands more trained to be first responders for when disaster strikes. It is like building a boat and only have life rafts for 10% of the passengers. The ratio of rescue workers to civilians in disaster-prone countries is grimly laughable.

This is the mission of POLARIS

And we need YOUR help to pull it off!


Awesome life-saving projects like this one cannot be done without support from caring and compassionate people like you.

You are different. You don’t turn a blind eye to suffering and the harshness of reality, even though sometimes it is uncomfortable. You know that help is needed.

You see the world for what it is, and what’s more… you want to do something about it. People may tell you that “its none of your concern”, “let the authorities deal with it”, “let somebody else take care of it”, but you disagree.

Well, you can do something about it, something BIG. This is your chance to be part of a movement.

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