The 8 Billion Mission

Teach all 8 billion Earthlings how to save a life; turning victims into rescuers, so when emergency strikes they can prevent death & injury.

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Millions of deaths could be prevented if people knew first aid

If you live on Earth you need the knowledge and skills to save lives, period.
5 million people die each year from traumatic injuries
8.9 million people die each year from heart disease
6.6 million people die each year from stroke

Is learning math more important than saving lives?

Of the 20+ million deaths mentioned above, how many do you think could be prevented if bystanders knew CPR and first aid?

Even if only a meager 1% could be prevented that would be 200,000 people getting a second chance at life, while some might not appreciate that fact, the families of those who did die certainly would appreciate it.

Unfortunately, the importance of how to save a life is disregarded by our education system.

Schools rather teach children maths they'll never use for 10 years, than first aid and life-saving skills.

It should not be this way.

Some children are lucky enough to get a 1hr CPR class at grade 9 and grade 11
4 years of high-school, 2hrs spent on how to save a life, 720hrs spent on math.

Let that sink in.

Let's Take Action

We are POLARIS, a non-profit charitable organization.

It is our mission to educate the entire planet on First Aid & Disaster Preparedness.

The more we educate today, the more lives we'll save in the future.

People want the information and skills so they can feel confident that they can do something about it, when the time comes. They are fully aware that they don't know and that it is vital that they DO know.

It is just a question of getting the information put in front of them. And that is the purpose of our activity.

Why is learning first aid a MUST?

Let's face it, when disaster strikes, you will be unprepared, stressed and uncertain. All you have is yourself, your knowledge, your skills, relying on anything else leaves you dependent and less capable. But you might argue that:
"I can just get an ambulance"

My response: What if there is traffic? What if all ambulances are engaged?

"I can just call 911"

My response: What if your batter dies? What if you can't get reception?

"I can get someone to help"

My response: What if you're alone in the wilderness? What if bystanders have no idea what to do?

What do students think about our training?

I am so grateful to have received first aid and CPR training. Tonight I witnessed a major car accident between two vehicles and was the first to call 911. One car was flipped with two passengers. A man tried to start pulling out one of the injured people and my sister (who is a medical assistant) and I immediately stopped him. We managed to keep things under control until the police arrived. Without my training, I wouldn't have been as certain of myself or as calm and I think it's safe to say that two people were saved from further injury because of it.

I had an amazing time learning first aid by such a great teacher. You learn the skills of first aid in a really fun way. The information you get out of the seminar really gives you the confidence to help someone if you ever encounter a situation in which someone is quite severely hurt. It is also great to know even if you think you will never use it in your life because you can always teach someone you know so if they are ever in a situation of that kind that they know what to do.

I learned a lots of new things on the Seminar today about disaster and first respond which I should of know about already. Thanks! It was really fun and useful

The training was excellent. It was very informative. It was also very practical would think that I can actually use. I think a lot more people should have this training.

Wonderful experience learning CPR and AED!!! I was expecting a long class full of information I will not need in an emergency and I got exactly the opposite! It was fun and full of practical experience.

Start getting educated

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