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Why Corporate Sponsorship?

Prestige of being able to say you fund a rescue team which saves lives
Improves CRO on home page by showing you're humanity
Differentiating yourself from your competition. Few small businesses support non profits and display it on their website.
Disaster response is the perfect cause to support as no one is against it and it does not alienate your customerbase
It makes your company super cool and gives a bad-ass image
Bosts employee morale knowing theat they are working for a company that serves a greater purpose, improving internal PR
$ 99
Feature our logo on your website
Tax deductible donation Commendation from the Captain
$ 499
Press release
All above Plus:
Free First aid training for all staff, with refresher every 2 years
$ 999
Award trophy
All above plus:
Framed commendation from polaris, with napelese army kukri
2 day team building exercise for 12 staff, first responder training