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We'd love to have your support!

Whether its creating educational materials to teach people how to save lives, or supplying students with medical & rescue equipment, without your support none of this would be possible.

Every dollar counts. No donation is too small!

What are the benefits for your business sponsoring us?

  1. Prestige of being able to say you fund a disaster response team which saves lives Improves CRO on home page by showing you're humanity

  2. Differentiating yourself from your competition. Few small businesses support non profits and display it on their website

  3. Disaster response is the perfect cause to support as no one is against it and it does not alienate your customer base

  4. It makes your company super cool and gives a bad-ass image

  5. Boosts employee morale knowing that they are working for a company that serves a greater purpose, improving internal PR

To become a corporate sponsor, choose from one of the three levels below:

$ 99
Tax deductible donation
$ 499
Tax deductible donation
$ 999
Tax deductible donation