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What is a Watchdog?

    • A person who wants to help their fellow man.
    • A person who wants to be competent and skilled.
    • A person who wants to know how to help when people are in danger.
    • A person who doesn't turn their back and retreat in fear.
    • A person who takes action and doesn't wait.

Welcome to the Watchdog Movement

Commit yourself to continuous education and training and you're one of us.

Our mission is simple: Make our communities safer with:
    1. Education
    2. Preparedness
    3. Tolerance

Our manifesto

    1. When people are in need, we don't turn a blind eye, we help however we can
    2. We are always the student and committed to a life of learning
    3. We treat all human beings with respect, even if they disrespect us
    4. We are prepared for anything
    5. We serve our friends, family, neighbors and community
    6. In all situations we strive to do what is morally right
    7. We encourage others to be prepared and not be complacent
    8. We do not hoard supplies that others may need
    9. We provide the same level of medical care to all human beings, regardless of race, religion or culture
    10. We keep calm and don’t react
    11. We tolerate, we don't escalate
    12. We support people’s freedom of speech to say anything, even if we disagree or if it makes us uncomfortable
    13. We seek cooperation not condemnation
    14. We do not argue with or condemn people for having differing political views or ideological values


How do you start?

    1. Download and read our free e-book: Instant Hero
    2. Email us when you're done for your next step!