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I'm Kieram Litchfield

Since 2017, I've taught over 1000 people how to save lives, giving them a confidence they did not have before.

Student after student, we freed them from misconceptions they learned from TV & movies. We equipped with the facts, and drilled them on the skills.

During this process I saw where first aid & cpr training was failing, with students always being confused and forgetting. To combat this I formulated the AID STAR framework.

My 298-page book: Instant Hero fully describes this framework in a variety of emergency medical situations. It is written so that anyone can read, understand and use it to save lives.

Now I want YOU to have the chance to get this live-saving knowledge, FOR FREE!

It is the mission of my non-profit: Polaris to get the whole world trained on first aid and disaster preparedness.

We must spread the word and get this knowledge out to as many people as possible, so we can prevent injury and deaths.

70% of americans feel helpless to act during a heart attack

Every year in the US, over 600,000 people die from heart disease. How many of those deaths could have been prevented if people knew first aid and CPR?

88% of cardiac arrests occur at home

32% of cardiac arrests get CPR

8% survive outside hospital


Read Instant Hero and unleash your inner hero

What will you learn?

What to do in ANY medical emergency using our AID STAR Framework
[Page 33]

What NOT to do when bitten by a snake - which everyone gets wrong
[Page 242]

What you should NEVER do when someone is having a heart attack
[Page 58]

How to treat a gunshot wound to the chest [Page 194]

What to do if a pregnant woman is choking
[Page 76]

How to avoid killing someone when making a tourniquet
[Page 155]

How to prepare for any natural disaster
[Page 268]

Gain confidence, learn how to help people

"This book is the perfect introduction to first aid. Previous to it, I had no idea what would qualify as emergency situations and what are the logical steps to keep things under control. I learned that even as a person with no first aid background, I can still contribute in a life/death situation. What really stood out to me is the naming system of the action steps recommended. It's named so well that even just reading it once, it registers immediately. This is a must-read for those who are prepared and share the responsibility of taking care of our fellow human beings"

Chris Wong

This book is a true gem. I know of nothing comparable on the market that can be read with such ease and create the confidence and know how that is required to save lives. In the past, I felt withdrawn from learning first aid, because the information and the terms were confusing. Now that I have this book, I can easily identify the dangerous situation and at a glance and figure out what I need to do, without getting confused and overwhelmed. After reading this book, I feel so much more confident in helping my fellow friends, family or a stranger. Wether it is a Drug over-dose, a person drowning, poisoning or a burn, this book will give you exactly what you need to be able to cope with the situation at hand - and the illustrations make it even easier to understand! I couldn’t be happier to come across this information! Everyone needs a copy of this book - the world would be much safer that way!

Sarah Wullinger

“Kieram Litchfield's First Rate manual on First Aid is indispensible. It should be printed and kept in every person’s kitchen, bathroom & garage, with a copy for the car as well. “He provides concise and simple instructions for any type of health emergency, and he does so using the minimum amount of text in order to be rapidly assimilated by someone in the midst of a crisis situation. “Mom’s should read it. "Business owners should read it. Teachers should read it. “Drivers should read it. “First responders should read it. “Anyone who interacts with other humans on a daily basis should read and practice the techniques. “I believe this book can and will save lives.

Peter Byrne, Canada - volunteer First Responder

You won't find a more user-friendly and comprehensive guide to the subject of first aid. Having read it myself, the next time I'm in a situation where someone could use my help, I'll know what to do. And there's no better feeling in life than knowing you truly helped another person, wouldn't you agree?

Wil Seabrook

Who is this book for?

Instant Hero is for people with little or no first aid training, who want to:

A person who wants to be competent, skilled

A person who wants to help their fellow man

A brave person who wants to know how to help when people are in danger

A person who doesn't turn their back and retreat in fear

A person who takes matters into their own hands

A person who takes action and doesn't wait

No experience is required.

Why do YOU need to learn first aid?

You can't always get an ambulance

What if there is traffic? What if all ambulances are engaged?

You can't always call 911

What if your battery dies? What if you can't get reception?

You can't always rely on others

What if you're alone in the wilderness? What if bystanders have no idea what to do?


One Page Disaster Plan - Tornados & Hurricanes

When you have a plan, a disaster is only an emergency.

Don't wait until a disaster is occurring, protect yourself and your family by getting a plan now!

This fillable PDF allows you to enter ALL relevant information regarding tornadoes and hurricanes into a printable document:

-evacuation routes
-supply locations
-phone numbers
-rendezvous points
-family contact info
-disaster do's and don'ts

Get this FREE when you download Instant Hero


Top 100 things you need to prepare for a hurricane or tornados

What do you need to have in order to be fully prepared for and survive a tornado or hurricane?

Download this list of the items so you know exactly what you must have on hand in order to maximize your odds of survival for you and your family!

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Instant Hero is FREE

Why are we giving it away?

We want to get every human being on the planet informed on first aid and disaster preparedness so we can prevent injury and death. To achieve that mission, the digital (ebook) version of this guide is available to you, the reader, for free and always will be.

That is our promise.

While most first aid guides will cost you around $20, this one is available to you for free, in spite of countless hours of labor, because we don't want ANY barrier between you and this life-saving knowledge.

Download this FREE guide today and start on your journey